Friday, April 23, 2004


Mets prospect looks to fit in has a piece up about Victor Diaz and his transition to the outfield, which is said to be going well. According to Baseball America, Diaz has been charged with two errors so far in twelve games played, which isn't terrible at all, considering he's learning a new position. Even Mike Cameron has two errors this season.

Defense aside, Diaz has actually gotten off to a somewhat un-Diaz-like start at the plate with a .250 AVG/.280 OBP/.396 SLG, but it's obviously still way too early to be concerned.

I'm all for the Mets plugging their holes from within the organization, but I still favor the idea of the Mets looking to pick up a big outfield bat on the free agent market, if one is available. Given the choice, I think the Mets probably do, too. Obviously, with guys like Geoff Jenkins and Garrett Anderson signing extensions, and, depending on who you ask, Magglio Ordonez close to signing an extension with the White Sox, the options are becoming fewer and fewer, which increases Diaz's chance of being in right field for the Mets on Opening Day in '05. While that wouldn't be a disappointment to me, I don't think it's the ideal situation for the Mets.

In other semi Mets-related news...

Indians call up pitcher Jason Anderson

As the headline suggests, the Indians called up Jason Anderson to replace Jeriome Robertson, who struggled in his only appearance with the Indians this season.

Even with their abundance of relief pitching, you have to wonder what it was that caused the Mets to give up on Anderson so quickly.


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