Saturday, March 20, 2004

Joe Nossek, Carlton Fisk, Hal Baines and David Pinto. Oh, and Ozzie Guillen.

David Pinto talks a little, and quotes a lot about Joe Nossek leaving the White Sox. Head over there for the link to the actual story.

Nossek was supposed to be the White Sox' bench coach this year. The article points to Jeff Torborg, Carlton Fisk and Harold Baines as candidates to replace him. Pinto favors Torborg:

My feeling is that Torborg would be the best choice of the three. Fisk or Baines would be so popular that they would overshadow Ozzie.

I couldn't disagree more. Well, I guess I could, but I don't have the strength. In my opinion, it would actually be good for Guillen to be overshadowed. For the ChiSox sake, anything that hastens his departure would be a good thing. In the spirit of laziness, I'll just pull out my thoughts from the comments on the fantasy baseball post below. My remarks are in response to a question about Willie Harris' value, fantasy-wise:

Ozzie Guillen is looking at a 2B platoon between Harris and Juan Uribe. If one of them takes the position outright, he'll be valuable in fantasy for stolen bases.

I think Guillen could flame out as fast as any manager in the game. His first action after being handed the job for no reason was to piss off Frank Thomas, for one thing.

For another, he's got a team with Magglio Ordonez, Frank Thomas, Joe Crede, Jose Valentin, Carlos Lee and Paul Konerko... and Ozzie has said he intends to play a lot of small ball.

Small ball! With that lineup and one-third of a pitching staff, he wants to play for one run a lot. Good thinkin there, Ozzie.

Put succinctly, I think you or I might do as well managing this team as Ozzie will.


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