Friday, February 27, 2004


Vinny noticed this story on Yahoo News about the BALCO situation. The headline is: Figures in Doping Scandal Say Bonds Is Innocent

Since I'm the pro-Bonds voice on this page, it falls to me to write it up. Don't worry, Vinny will be back soon.

Granted, there are plenty of people (notably Jon Heyman, official Enemy of the Site) who will discard this development out of hand, but top officials of BALCO are saying some pretty groundbreaking things:

Bonds got backing Friday from the head of BALCO labs, Victor Conte, whose nutritional firm south of San Francisco is accused of providing illegal steroids to top athletes in baseball, football and track and field.

"He knows of no illegal activity that ever took place with Barry Bonds," Conte's attorney, Robert Holley, told reporters after a courtroom appearance. "He feels that there has been a lot of rumor and innuendo that has been slandering one of the best baseball players in this country."

Let's get this out of the way right now: It is most certainly in the company's interest, and that of its employees, to distance itself/themselves from the single biggest figure (among players) in this story. It's still an extraordinary statement.

"Bonds took nothing illegal ever," said Tony Serra. "He was offered a schedule of what was believed to be legal. Receiving the schedule, he declined to take it."

How monumental is this statement? The official spokesperson for the defense is stating, specifically, that BALCO offered to provide services to a player that were expressly against the rules of Major League Baseball, and that the player declined. What's going on?

Here's a really fun passage from the article:

The burly Anderson [Bonds' trainer], carrying a large carton of grand jury documents presented by prosecutors Friday, declined to say whether Bonds had ever taken steroids. "I am not talking to anyone please," he said.

Now that's comedy. "The burly... carrying a large carton..." Just lovely.

My favorite part of this article is not any of the preceeding material. It's the last sentence, which I'm sure will be corrected at some point:

Conte for his part appeared to be in an unusually gregarious mood. "We were on f

Yep, that's where it ends. Fill in the f-word yourself.


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